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Use Rubber Mulch To Prevent Kids Playground Injuries

Kids move around and play a lot when they are in a playground. So even if there are guardians watching them, there are still potential risks and hazards that may cause them broken bones and muscle injuries. Before kids can just play around unsupervised, but that was a long time ago considering that it is entirely different now and it is basically the same with playground safety.

Manufacturers of playground equipment are more cautious and aware of the need of developing products that have safety nets. More than 80% of public playgrounds have protective surface to ensure the safety of kids. Unfortunately, only 9% of back home playgrounds have these protective features. And this alone results to more than 69% of the injuries based on the report released by the US Consumer Products Safety. These are basically the injuries that could have been prevented.

To reduce the risk of any playground accident, there are different kinds of protective surfaces in order to protect children. Some may think it is sad but it is not actually recommended since it can be removed from the area and it can get in the eyes. Another option is to use wood mulch may appear to be a better choice but it needs regular maintenance and also need replenishment. If not maintained properly, there might be bald spots.

Another choice that you can use as a protective surface is to use rubber mulch. Also known as rubber pellets, they are much better when  it comes to providing safety and cushion. But the downside is that they have almost same problems like wood mulch. So the best choice to use as a protective surface would be the rubber playground tiles. Known as playground mats, they are the best choice since you can choose the thickness that may range from 1’’ to 4 /4’’.

What is nice in using rubber playground tiles is that they have holes found at the bottom so they fit perfectly fine. On top of that, you also can choose among the different colors available depending on your preference or depending on the design of the playground. This option will complement the look of the playground since you can choose bright colors that kids really like. Unlike other options, rubber playground tiles are environmental friendly. They are basically made from recycled rubber so they are not difficult to install and the material itself is breathable.

In terms of care and maintenance, rubber playground tiles are easy to maintain and they are quite resistant to damage. Of course, some tiles may still get damaged or they may also wear out. But the good thing about it is that you can always replace the tiles that are damaged. You only need an effective adhesive to make sure that everything is connected. This is important to make sure that kids won’t break them apart. That is why it is important to make sure that everything is connected as it can result to cuts and scrapes. Make sure to check the safety of the playground tiles to avoid any injury.

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